July 25, 2021

Boston Red Sox place Brian Johnson on outright waivers (Over the Monster)

The Red Sox 40-man roster is back down to 38. It had gotten as high as 39 after the team added five players ahead of the Rule 5 protection deadline, but another player came off on Monday. According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Red Sox have placed Brian Johnson on outright waivers.

Now on waivers, Johnson can be claimed by any other team in baseball, with the order going in order of worst 2019 record to best, starting with the American League then moving over to the National League. Teams have 48 hours to make claims, but the clock may have started before Rosenthal made his report. If Johnson is claimed, the other team must put him on their own 40-man roster. If he makes it through, the Red Sox can put him in the minor-league system while having him off the 40-man. You’ve probably heard of players rejecting outright assignment to the minors, but Johnson does…

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