July 26, 2021

Evan White is unique yet again (Lookout Landing)

Precedent is integral to the human psyche. We form cultural mores around them. We base judicial systems on them. Even interpersonally, we demand decisions great and small abide by them. Being different, much less measurably unique, is incredibly difficult. While the plot of nearly every made-for-TV Disney movie insists straying outside the norms leads to a happy ending, there is immense risk and stress in being incomparable. Evan White is not the most inconceivable baseball player, nor is an an extension buying out years of free agency a revolutionary conceit, but a contract extension with little precedent is only fitting for a player whose profile defies simple comparison.

When White was drafted, there were mild groans from LL HQ. The write-ups on the Kentucky 1B were glowing enough: superlative makeup, good bat-to-ball skills, extraordinary athleticism, and the type of defense you simply don’t see from the cold corner. Baseball America wrote up the report that made him simultaneously underwhelming and weird:

White is not your typical college first baseman. Usually college first baseman are players who can’t handle another position. White, who wears number 19 because…

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