July 26, 2021

Examining some trade fits for Omar Narváez (Lookout Landing)

While the Hot Stove has yet to rise above tepid, one area where there’s some activity has been in the land of backstops. The White Sox snatched up the best catcher on the market in Yasmani Grandal, and Atlanta responded quickly to lock down…Travis d’Arnaud, a 1.6-win catcher per fWAR (1.0 per bWAR) who was DFA’d by the Mets earlier last season. As you might have inferred, the FA catcher market is suboptimal; Atlanta also re-upped with their second catcher, defensive whiz Tyler Flowers. That leaves Yan Gomes, Robinson Chirinos, and Jason Castro as the most desirable names atop a raft of defensive specialists and backups.

The Mariners actually had the luxury of the second-best catching duo in the AL last season by fWAR, fourth overall and the last of the “most valuable” tier before things fell off a cliff (from five wins to three-something), and with the team poised to not-compete again next year, perhaps we should have expected this news sooner:

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