July 25, 2021

Looking Back: 2019 Rangers Starting Pitching (Lone Star Ball)

Back in Spring Training, I did a five part series breaking down the Texas Rangers roster to see who would most likely be on the team. With the season now complete, I decided to look back on that and compare it to how the season actually turned out. I also did a post of all the moves the Rangers did in the off-season, so this series is kind of a mashup of those two postings, looking both at what the Rangers did and what the players did with the 2019 season.


Mike Minor

Started 32 games, one of the three Texas Rangers All Stars, came in 8th in AL Cy Young voting

ZiPS Projected 2019 ERA: 4.49
ZiPS Projected 2019 FIP: 4.41
ZiPS Projected 2019 k/9: 7.35

2019 ERA: 3.59
2019 FIP: 4.25
2019 k/9: 8.6
2019 Innings pitched: 208.1

Minor was everything the Rangers wanted and needed, and then some. Making 32 starts, tied for the most he’s made in his career, having last done so in 2013 in Atlanta, which was immediately followed by his injury years, which included him missing all of ‘15 and ‘16. 2019 also included his first complete game as well as the most strikeouts and innings pitched he’s had in a season. His name came up in Cy Young conversations…

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