June 22, 2021

New York Yankees News: Yankees trying to keep minor-league team (Pinstripe Alley)

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Major League Baseball is considering a dramatic restructure of the minor leagues that would involve cutting over 40 teams. Among the teams included are the Staten Island Yankees, the short-season-A-ball affiliate of the Yankees. Yankees president Randy Levine commented on the issue, stressing that no decisions have been made and that the Yankees fully support keeping their affiliate around. Downsizing is never fun, especially when it involves teams worth billions of dollars, so here’s to hoping that the league can figure things out and keep providing jobs and opportunities to minor leaguers across America.

NJ.com | Joe Giglio: Mark Teixeira is one of the most notable players the Yankees have swooped in to “steal” from another team in free agency, and he thinks there’s a chance the Yankees could do it again with Gerrit Cole. While Teixeira was adamant that he doesn’t think Cole’s first choice is to come to New York, he said he’d advise him to call the Yankees before making a decision – you never know what they’ll offer. Teixeira said he doesn’t believe the Yankees will be outbid, but it’s still unclear if the Yankees of 2019…

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