June 17, 2021

Washington Nationals’ Aníbal Sánchez continued late-career resurgence in 2019… (Federal Baseball)

Considering where he was in 2016-17, when he posted a combined 6.09 ERA and a 5.17 FIP in 63 games (43 starts) and 258 23 innings pitched for the Detroit Tigers, Aníbal Sánchez’s return to the World Series in 2019, for the first time since 2012, was the end of a fairly long, improbable journey.

“Those years [weren’t] easy for me. Wasn’t a great moment,” Sánchez acknowledged, when he spoke with reporters in advance of his start in Game 3 of the Fall Classic with Houston’s Astros.

“Something that, I don’t want to say I don’t want to remember. Of course, I worked hard those years, too,” the veteran starter said.

“But you know what, the result wasn’t there. And for me, I [was] just taking one more year last year, 2018. And they give me the opportunity to be here right now.

“For me, my [thought that] offseason ‘17 and ‘18 was, I don’t want to quit if I don’t try my best.

“So I remember I signed with the Twins and I got released, and after that I said, ‘Okay, whatever happens is going to happen, I’m not going to force anything.’

“I got an opportunity with the Braves and showed that I can still pitch on this level, and now I’m…

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