July 24, 2021

Yes, the Houston Astros stole signs, and yes, it significantly helped them (D Rays Bay)

The Houston Astros have been egregiously stealing signs for the past three seasons, and the is proof being published all over the internet.

There has been footage shown of the (not so) elaborate setup in the Astros clubhouse in which a team employee or player would watch a screen and monitor it until they cracked the opposing team’s sign and then they’d proceed to go full Carlos Gomez on a inconspicuously placed trash can. Pummeling the poor bin loud enough for the noise to be heard at the plate, as well as through the audio of the broadcast. And that was just the beginning.

This not-so-subtle smoking gun has led to a trail of crumbs for tireless investigators to comb through to find each and every instance in which signs were stolen and relayed to hitters.

Robert Arthur of Baseball Prospectus has been at the forefront of those searching through the evidence and he was able to pull an audio fingerprint from the televised Astros games. The audio he was able to isolate was that of the trash can banging, and confirmed that it was being used in correlation with the opposing pitcher’s arsenal, including a couple of Rays games.

Following the 2017 season or perhaps even…

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