July 25, 2021

Are the Braves poised to make a splash this offseason? (Talking Chop)

This offseason is different for the Braves. As back-to-back NL East champions, there’s no doubt that the team’s core is built to win, and signals from the front office – both in their words and actions – suggest that they plan to aggressively upgrade the team this offseason. After Alex Anthopoulos took a more patient and measured approach to his first two offseasons as Braves GM, he appears to be taking advantage of the Braves’ winning window, with the backing of ownership that seems to recognize the opportunity in front of them.

The frenetic pace at which the Braves have addressed some of their lesser needs could be an indication that the team plans to make a splash this offseason. It’s not even December yet, and the Braves have already signed four free agents for a total of $72.25 million (those numbers increase to six players for $80.25 million if you include restructuring of Nick Markakis’s and Tyler Flowers’ contracts). With clear needs still for a power bat and at least one starting pitcher, the table is set for Anthopoulos, a general manager known for making bold moves to put his team over the top, to focus the remainder of his budget and efforts on…

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