July 24, 2021

Brewers players earn bonus cash in playoff shares (Brew Crew Ball)

A lot of people contribute to a playoff team, and not all of them are making millions of dollars per year.

That’s why making the postseason can be such a big deal for so many in an organization — it can mean a significant bonus for those who may have only had a cup of coffee in the majors, coaches or others in the organization not necessarily earning a big piece of the pie.

Teams that make the postseason get a share of the money generated by ticket sales, with players getting together to vote on who gets a share of the total pool. This year, the Brewers’ share of the Players’ Pool for making the Wildcard play-in game but not advancing to the NLDS was $1,212,917.19.

According to the league, Brewers players voted to issue a total of 62 full shares — the same amount as last year, when they were the runner-up in the NLCS — 22.325 partial shares, and one “cash award.”

Last year, the players voted to award 21 partial shares and four cash awards.

This year, a full share was valued at $14,292.30 — a pretty nice holiday season bonus, although not as much as the $122,957 that was awarded for a full share last year. Predictably, the further you go in the playoffs, the…

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