July 25, 2021

Royals Rumblings – News for November 26, 2019 (Royals Review)

Royals Rumblings – News for November 26, 2019

Will Scharnagl at Prospects Live has a top 30 prospect list for the Royals with Erick Pena a surprise at #2.

Pena has very few holes in his game as of right now, with all of his tools grading at least average to above average. Pena’s bat is the first thing that sticks out, as he has a beautiful swing and plus raw power. He’s still very raw, so it remains to be seen how his hit tool plays in games, but scouts love his maturity and makeup, and it’s possible that Pena could be a 60 hit/60 power hitter. While he’s fairly athletic, Pena doesn’t exactly have burner speed, and is likely an average runner in the future. This could force him to move to right field where his arm and bat both play.

Pena’s makeup, maturity, and ability to speak English will help him move up the ladder, and I expect him to skip the DSL next year and make his debut stateside instead. I’m higher on Pena than most, but I believe he is the second best player in the 2019 J2 class (behind Jasson Dominguez), and that he’s already a top 50 prospect.

The Royals release outfielder Jorge Bonifacio.

Fox Sports Kansas City will air the press conference…

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