July 25, 2021

Season review: Steven Duggar needs more time, but will he get it? (McCovey Chronicles)

.234/.278/.341, 4 HR, 28 RBI, 64 wRC+, -0.5 fWAR

And so our offseason review series finally comes to an end. No, Steven Duggar was not as good as most of the other players our staff reviewed. I really should stop ending the series this way. But! Here we are, looking at the guy who was the Opening Day center fielder. The defensive master who pushed Superman to right field.

The intriguing talent who just can’t stay healthy.

Now, that’s not to say that he’s dealing with an unending string of nagging injuries, but back-to-back years of season-ending injuries is very much how a major leaguer gets the “injury prone” label. Again, though, we’re not talking about minor things: he tore his labrum at the end of 2018 and sprained his left shoulder AC joint to end this past season. The labrum required surgery, the AC joint did not.

So it’ the Brandon Belt Syndrome. In isolation, we’re talking about serious injuries, not a hamstring that keeps knotting up or a bad back (though Duggar has had issues before with his back); and yet, a player’s ability to “stay healthy” is a factor in their major league evaluation. Some guys play hard and don’t miss huge chunks of…

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