July 25, 2021

The Cubs should (probably) trade Willson Contreras this winter (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

The Cubs are at a crossroads this winter. The team is clearly in decline from its 2016 heights, but they are still very good and in more of a need of a shakeup rather than a teardown and rebuild. There were several holes in the Cubs lineup this past year, most notably in the outfield, second base and the bullpen.

But there is still a core of talent there that can can compete for a World Series title in 2020. Unfortunately, fixing the team’s problems is not going to be that easy. The Cubs’ minor league system has been greatly diminished by trades and low draft picks over the past few seasons. There’s also that pesky problem the team has struggled to develop any pitching from the minors. That makes it hard to fix the problems through a trade. The free agent market at the positions the Cubs need to fill is weak, which is why they’ve been looking to the other side of the Pacific for possible help.

A major trade, if the Cubs make one, is likely going to involve a major league player. The Cubs want to get younger, not older, so trading any of the top minor league prospects seems counterproductive. And the most logical major league player to trade, and the one that would…

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