July 24, 2021

The Lowell Spinners don’t deserve this (Over the Monster)

By now, you’ve heard about MLB’s proposal to slash the minor leaguers. You’ve heard that they want to cut 42 non-complex minor-league squads out of existence. You’ve heard that we have this list of teams available to us. You’ve heard that the Lowell Spinners, the New York Penn League affiliate for the Red Sox, is on that list of 42 teams. You’ve heard that MLB wants to do this, according to them, to get bad facilities out of the game for minor-league players, among other reasons. You’ve heard that it’s going to cost young players chances at a dream. You’ve heard that locals in smaller communities around the country will have professional baseball taken away from them. You’ve heard all of the pros and cons (there are many more cons, in this writer’s opinion) from people who can lay them out more eloquently than me. That includes Congresswomen and Senators. I think this whole thing sucks and that it’s bad enough that the government should consider revoking MLB’s antitrust exemption over it. If they want to be a cold-blooded business, they should be treated like one, right? It’s like when a 14-year-old tells mom and dad they want to be treated like…

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