July 24, 2021

Worcester Red Sox: Everything about WooSox stinks (Over the Monster)

I got mad on line last night, and I’m not sorry about it. Monday night was the night the new Worcester Triple-A team, which is set to replace the PawSox starting in 2021, was set to officially unveil their official nickname as well as their logo. Since the move was first announced there was speculation they would just stick with the Red Sox nickname and unofficially officially go by the WooSox, much like the PawSox. I shrugged it off. Surely, in the over a year they had between the announcement of the move and last night they could come up with something better than that, right? Folks, I’m saddened to announce that they, in fact, did not.

They are indeed going with the Red Sox as their nickname, which I’ll get to later. They are indeed going with the WooSox as the nickname’s nickname. I don’t know if this is some sort of homage to the PawSox or what, but it stinks a whole lot. Their logo is this guy, and the alternate is a “W”.

Look, they have their reasons for at least some of this. The heart in the middle of the “W” in WooSox is because Worcester is known as the heart of Massachusetts. A little conceited, but it’s fine. The yellow guy is because…

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