July 26, 2021

Giants propsects: Joey Bart leads a slightly improved farm system (McCovey Chronicles)

Let’s be thankful for this passage from FanGraphs’ Top 34 prospects ranking of the Giants system that went up yesterday:

a lucky few scouts and media folks had a religious experience watching the sweetest-swinging teenager on Earth absolutely roast balls fed to his barrel by a high-speed pitching machine. Because of how close you can sit next to the field there, you can feel the sonic force of bat-to-ball impact radiate into your body. When Marco Luciano connects, you feel it to your core. He is not normal.

Never in my life have I seen a San Francisco Giants prospect described with such hyperbole. This is how they talked about Jeter. Kris Bryant. The hushed reverence reserved for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Fernando Tatis Jr. This is not normal. If I were five years younger, I’d be flipping out with excitement.

Now older and beaten down by blog management, I know that prospect write-ups are for eyebrow raises or slight nods and not ear-to-ear grins. So, if you’re smiling right now, stop it. Yes, Marco Luciano is an exciting prospect . . . perhaps the most exciting prospect the Giants have had in over fifty years. But despite the provocative language, FanGraphs still gives…

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