July 28, 2021

How the Yankees have changed under Aaron Boone from Joe Girardi (Pinstripe Alley)

When the Yankees dismissed Joe Girardi and hired Aaron Boone after the 2017 season, they furthered a prominent recent trend of teams targeting inexperienced managers. Just as the Twins hired Rocco Baldelli, the Cubs hired David Ross, and the Red Sox hired Alex Cora, the Yankees handed the keys to the franchise to someone with virtually no prior experience coaching professional players.

That decision was sure to have a number of consequences. One I want to take a look at today is how Boone has impacted the Yankees in a few basic tactical ways. How the Yankees have changed tactically could provide a small glimpse into how the team has shifted after moving from the somewhat old-school Girardi to the younger and fresh-faced Boone.

I’ve performed this exercise before back when Girardi was still in the Bronx, examining how the Yankees were deploying age-old maneuvers like intentional walks, sacrifice bunts, and stolen base attempts. Now, I want to compare the extent to which the Yankees have used those simple tactics under Boone to how they used them under Girardi.

Part of the reason the Yankees favored Boone was his apparent willingness to work closely with the front office in…

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