July 23, 2021

LA Angels News: Feeling The Hot Stove Heat (Halos Heaven)


The stories we are hearing now is that everyone knows that Arte is going to spend whatever it takes to land Gerrit Cole. This should make the Yankees and Scott Boras very happy.

The Yankees can keep right on bidding up the negotiations without worrying that they get stuck as high bidder, because “getting stuck” means that they add Gerrit Cole to their rotation. Not getting stuck means that they have taken Arte’s financial strength out of the bidding wars for anybody else they want.

And for Boras, well, all he has to do is sit on whatever is the highest offer, probably from Eppler and Moreno, and wait a couple of weeks before using Jon Heyman to leak some baloney about a “mystery team” and getting Arte to blink into bidding against himself. Because that’s what Boras does, and he brags about it.

This is something which I have always complained about. It’s a fatal flaw within the information control of MLB FA bidding. There should be a 3rd-party system or service that tracks bids and doesn’t allow for bidding more once you are already high bidder. Because there is a difference between a market rate versus a rate into which a buyer can be…

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