July 24, 2021

Mets Podcast: A Pod of Their Own, Episode 32: Weird Balls (Amazin’ Avenue)

Welcome back to A Pod of Their Own, a show by the women of Amazin’ Avenue where we talk all things Mets, social justice issues in baseball, and normalize female voices in the sports podcasting space.

This week, we begin with a look at the surprisingly appealing new additions to the Mets coaching staff and share our thoughts on early Mets trade rumors. (1:29)

Then, we welcome back Friend of the Show Dr. Meredith Wills, whose latest piece for The Athletic is a continuation of her incredible work on the construction of the juiced baseballs, this time looking at the truly baffling situation with the baseballs in the 2019 postseason. There is other great reading on this topic from Rob Arthur in Baseball Prospectus, where he first observed that the postseason baseball was dejuiced…and then maybe that it wasn’t, and also from Katie Strang in The Athletic, where she follows a thread unearthed by Dr. Wills that calls into question some of Rawlings’ messaging. (22:56)

We also take a step back to consider how this fits in with the sign-stealing scandal and other threats to baseball’s integrity. And lastly, in what might be baseball’s biggest threat yet, Dr. Wills leads us…

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