July 28, 2021

Milwaukee Brewers Tender or Non-Tender Decisions: Orlando Arcia (Brew Crew Ball)

2019 salary: $565,700
2020 projection: $2,700,000
Difference: +$2,134,300

What was already an interesting question got a lot more interesting on Thanksgiving Eve with the Brewers reporedly acquiring Luis Urias from the San Diego Padres — do the Brewers tender Orlando Arcia a contract after one of the worst years of his career?

It’s long been understood that Arcia’s value lies mostly in his defense, and anything he can provide offensively is gravy. The problem is the last two years, the offense has been so poor that it has dragged him below replacement level — especially as his reputation as a defensive wizard has also lost some of its luster.

Still capable of making some incredible plays defensively, the mental lapses have seemingly increased in the past year or two, causing Craig Counsell and David Stearns to flat out say after the season they need more out of the shortstop position — uncharacteristically blunt comments not only for those two specifically, but also for baseball people in general. Stearns continued that on Wednesday in talking about why he traded for Urias:

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