July 25, 2021

Phillies Decade in Review: The best moment from every year (The Good Phight)

There’s just more month left in the 2010s, a decade that started off with the Philadelphia Phillies as perennial postseason participant and ended with them trying to make their way back there.

There were two division titles, one postseason no-no, a perfect game, four no-hitters in all, a tear-down, a rebuild, talk of “tanking,” a waiving of the white flag, the death of a beloved star, the tenure of Gabe Kapler, a last hurrah for a cavalcade of stars and lots of “stupid money” spent.

Certainly there were more good moments to remember in the first couple years than there were in the middle part of the decade, and the 2010s certainly ended in frustration. But before we move on to the 2020s, let’s remember the good times as we take a look at the single greatest moment from each season of this frustrating decade of Phillies baseball.

2010 – Roy Halladay’s Postseason No-Hitter

There were really only two moments worth considering from this season and they both featured Roy Halladay — his regular season perfect game and his no-no in Game 1 of the 2010 NLDS against the Reds. The one I chose was the playoff no-hitter, because it was the first postseason game of…

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