July 25, 2021

Royals Review Roundtable: Off-season edition (Royals Review)

The Hot Stove is starting to heat up around baseball, but will the Royals feel any of that warmth, or will they sit in the cold corner of a rebuild? The new season will bring a new owner, a new manager, but unless the Royals are active this winter, the roster will be the same old faces.

What do our writers think will happen with the Royals this off-season? We brought a few of them together for our own winter meetings.

What should the Royals be looking to accomplish this offseason?

David Lesky: They need to be on the lookout for diamonds in the rough to accomplish two goals. One, find guys they can flip at the deadline for some minor league talent. And I don’t care if that talent is ready in 2021 or in 2024, which is a big issue with this front office believing they need to line up to some sort of contention window (which incidentally is a big reason why I think they’re struggling so much now…acquire talent, not timelines).

But secondly, find that talent that might actually be part of the next core. The name that always comes to mind is J.D. Martinez. The Astros moved on from him and he became a core piece of multiple Tigers postseason teams. Think about if some team…

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