July 25, 2021

Washington Nationals Rumors: “Whole thing hinges on” Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon? (Federal Baseball)

For a quick, three-minute spot on the MLB Network, Ken Rosenthal sure packed a lot of talk about the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals (that’s fun to say) into it.

It did start, obviously, with talk about the two prominent free agents that GM Mike Rizzo and Co. still, at least publicly, hope will return: Stephen Strasburg, who opted out of the final four years and $100M of the 7-year/$175M extension he signed in 2016 to test free agency after a World Series MVP-worthy postseason and a solid, healthy, 2019 season, and Anthony Rendon, who talked extension with the Nationals periodically over the last few years, but didn’t reach an agreement before hitting the market.

Rizzo is on record saying he still wants both back, but stressing in separate interviews that you can’t build a roster based on nostalgia, or be held up waiting for players to make their own decisions when there are moves to be made.

MLB Network’s Jon Heyman wrote on Twitter that the Nationals would like to have “quick resolutions” with Strasburg and Rendon so that they can move on to “contingency plans” should either or both decide to sign elsewhere.

Heyman also noted that it,…

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