July 25, 2021

BYB Podcast 64: Minor moves and a Thanksgiving mailbag (Bless You Boys)

There are a few minor bits of news to discuss as we reach Thanksgiving, but our listeners/readers responded to the call with plenty of good questions, so we dive right into our mailbag in this episode. Hopefully we have a few good answers.

Topics range from the Rule 5 draft and available free agents, to recent Tigers history, Comerica Park’s dimensions, and much more. Thanks to BYB’s community for reading our work, listening to the podcasts, and always participating in smart, lively discussion on the site. You help keep us all as sane as possible as we wait for a Tigers turnaround.

On behalf of the whole staff, we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Intro: “If Looks Could Kill” – Camera Obscura

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