July 25, 2021

Thanks, SSS readers! – South Side Sox (South Side Sox)

With things a little bit cool on the transaction front (STAY TUNED FOR NEWS MONDAY OR SATURDAY OR ARGGHH WE CAN’T WAIT!), it seems like a good time to express some thanks to you, South Side Sox readers, for the community you’ve provided here this year.

It hasn’t been the smoothest season, both on the field and off. Our White Sox did manage to provide a number of thrills (thanks Tim, Lucas, José, James, Eloy, Luis … ) in taking an 11-win jump in the standings. And with the Yasmani Grandal signing and recent DFAs of Yolmer Sánchez and Daniel Palka, it certainly appears that this is going to be one serious offseason on the South Side.

On site, it’s been a stressful season. When some administrative adjustments made it hard to reward the staff that we’d built up here over the course of 2018-19 properly for their work, we scrambled for a solution. Our midseason staff migration over to Sox on 35th failed, so the spur-of-the-moment South Side Hit Pen popped up and now hosts the work of many of your old SSS friends.

With most of our standard SSS fare (Minor League Updates, Deep Dive, analysis of the majors and minors) outsourced there, many of you have followed and…

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