July 26, 2021

The Yankees may be targeting this new left-handed pitcher (Pinstripe Alley)

During his brief stint in pinstripes, Nestor Cortes Jr. was known for fooling hitters with his funky arm angles and eating innings in a pinch. Since the Yankees dealt him to the Seattle Mariners, they no longer have an arm like his in their bullpen. However, Mark Feinsand has reported on Twitter that the Bombers do have their eye on someone similar to Cortes’ style.

Tim Hill made his major-league debut in 2018 with the Kansas City Royals and put up some solid numbers. He appeared in 45.2 innings, recording 42 strikeouts and an xFIP of 3.31. He had very similar stats this past season, handling 39.2 frames, striking out 39 batters, and running an xFIP of 3.89. In fact, in 2018, he led the Royals in appearances with 70. He is known for his toughness on left-handed hitters, as they have hit a mere .211/.276/.248 against him throughout his career. He’s also allowed just eight long balls in his career, which is great for someone who could call Yankee Stadium home.

He throws his sinker most often, but is also equipped with a four-seamer and a slider, giving him a useful arsenal as a reliever. As mentioned by Feinsand, Hill carries four years of control with him, plausibly…

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