July 25, 2021

Thursday Bantering: Bits of Jays stuff (Bluebird Banter)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you on the other side border. I hope you have a good day and find lots to be thankful for. I’m thankful that there is football on TV.

There isn’t a lot for Blue Jays news (I’m just copying and pasting that line for the start of all posts).

Shi Davidi tells us that the Jays had interest in Jake Odorizzi and Kyle Gibson, even making an offer to Gibson. I doubt we’ll ever find out if the offer was as good as the one he accepted from the Rangers.

He also says they will try to work out a deal with Matt Shoemakers before Monday’s tender deadline. They would much rather not go to arbitration with him.

Beyond that:

To get anything done, however, the Blue Jays are going to have to overpay and a question for them to wrestle with is whether it’s better to spend big on someone who could make a significant difference or to limit risk overpaying a smaller amount on someone with less upside.

That must be hard to factor into negotiations, how much do you figure on overpaying for a free agent?

I do like this quote:

Even in this era of stifled free agency, the words of Andrew Friedman, the Los Angeles Dodgers president of baseball operations,…

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