July 24, 2021

Yoan Lopez 2019 Season Review Arizona Diamondbacks (AZ Snakepit)

Rating: 6.01

Age: 26

2019 stats: 3.41 ERA, 70 games, 60.2 IP, 5.03 FIP, 131 ERA+, 0.6 WAR

2019 salary: $556,900

2020 status: Pre-Arb 2 (League Minimum)


The cost to sign Yoan Lopez as an amateur free agent cost more than money, but even that cost was outrageous. The D-backs signed him to a then-record $8.26 million bonus, far exceeding their total amount allowed at $2.36 million, and incurring a 100% penalty tax on the overage, on top of not being able to sign any one player to a contract worth more than $300,000 for the next two seasons. To put it lightly, it was a disaster and that was before Lopez put on a uniform.

Lopez struggled adjusting to a new environment, and honestly, life. He left his team twice in the middle of the season, and struggled as a starter so badly that most everyone had written him off as a bust. But, to his credit, Lopez returned and was a difference maker in the bullpen. He did not shy away from his disappearances, facing them head on.

My leaving the team on separate occasions had to do with lack of maturity, he says. “A lot of young people out on their own for the first time go through this.

He progressed quickly through the system…

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