July 26, 2021

Cubs trade retrospective: Oscar Gamble and Dick Selma for Johnny Callison (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

What if the Cubs November 1969 trade of Oscar Gamble and Dick Selma for outfielder Johnny Callison were being discussed currently? Look below to find out. Before you start, flash back to a BCB career retrospective on Gamble from just after his passing in 2018.

November 17, 1969

Can Jimmy Hickman play center field?

The Cubs traded reliever Dick Selma and outfielder Oscar Gamble to Philadelphia today for right fielder Johnny Callison. The Cubs’ inability to summon a center fielder from any source continues. Gamble was hurried from Double-A (why send a player to Triple-A when you can just ignore it?) to Wrigley for a cup of coffee that, like many cups of coffee, turned cold within a short period of time.

The Cubs figure to send out Hickman as the primary center fielder in 1970. May the first half of the season be like last year’s with a better September.

To look back at this trade about requires a look at the 1969 and 1970 Cubs squads. The 1969 squad is legendary. Nonetheless, a few specifics are a bit pertinent. The 1969 squad had only eight pitchers toss over 20 innings over the course of the season. Yeah, really. Ferguson Jenkins, Ken Holtzman, and Bill Hands started…

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