July 28, 2021

FanPost Black Friday Gift Guide (Lookout Landing)

Oh no! It’s Black Friday and your turkey, wine, and pie-induced coma caused you to sleep in and you missed all the good deals! What are you going to do for that special Mariners fan in your life? Have no fear, dear LL reader, for I have assembled a list of the most cursed and awful Mariners items on the internet for your abject dismay. And since it’s FanPost Friday, I want to hear about YOUR worst and/or most cursed Mariners item, too!

Tell us all about it in a FanPost with images, of course, and we’ll front page the best ones over the weekend.

Now, without further ado, feast your peepers on this trash!

  1. A 2010 Mariners Official Yearbook

aw fuck

Comin’ right out the gate with some BELIEVE BIG heat, bay-beeee! This gift is PERFECT for the former Mariners blogger and current corporate shill in your life who did indeed BELIEVE BIG in the 2010 Mariners and has never been the same ever since! Watch his or her eyes drift off into a thousand yard stare as they open this bad boy and they start mumbling things like “In Z we trust” and “Eric Byrnes….pulled back on a…..suicide squeeze” before finally bursting…

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