July 26, 2021

Holiday gift guide for Tampa Bay Rays fans (D Rays Bay)

Black Friday is quickly approaching, and kicks off the holiday shopping spree leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah. There are of course great deals to have on jerseys, postseason merch, and hats, but we’ve compiled a list of must-have Rays items.

Note: Prices are subject to change.

For the Aspiring GM:

Tampa Bay Rays Timex General Manager Watch

This timepiece is perfect for your friend who loves to over-analyze signings and have long text message conversations about theoretical trades. It is casual enough to wear to an office meeting in the morning and a Rays’ game that night.

Reg Price: $139.99

For the Aspiring female GM, there is also the Women’s Tampa Bay Rays Timex Night Game Watch

Reg Price: $119.00

For the Secret Santa Gift

Branded Black Cooperstown Collection Forbes T-Shirt

Do you have a secret Santa and they put “Tampa Bay Rays” as their favorite team? This is probably a good bet for a gift. The recipient will appreciate the old school logo, they probably don’t have it, and its cheap for office gift exchange.

Reg Price: $24.99

For the New…

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