July 28, 2021

New York Yankees news: Bombers knew about Astros sign stealing (Pinstripe Alley)

New York Post | Dan Martin: Every day, we learn more from the ongoing scandal casting a shadow over everything the nation believed about one of its most important institution. Today, we find out the Yankees had complained to MLB about the Astros’ alleged use of a blinking light in centre field during the 2019 ALCS. Accusations and allegations are piling up left and right, and it can’t be long before MLB is forced to take major action against one of it’s new premier clubs.

SNY | Scott Thompson: If there’s one move we all know is coming this offseason, it’s that the Yankees will acquire a reliever. This year’s top target might be Royals lefty Tim Hill, who the Bombers are clearly seeing as a value pick. The 29 year-old southpaw isn’t quite as good as the rest of the stellar relief corps, but New York is better than anyone at modifying and churning out stud relievers, which could make Hill very attractive to the club.

New York Daily News | Bradford William Davis: Greg Bird elected free agency rather than accepting an assignment to Triple-A, and the onetime playoff hero can now be signed by any MLB club. Davis gives a great team-by-team breakdown of where Bird

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