July 26, 2021

Trevor Story, Jon Gray and the Rockies’ contention window (Purple Row)

Early offseason trade rumors surrounding the Colorado Rockies have featured Trevor Story and Jon Gray. While it’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to whether General Manager Jeff Bridich should pull the trigger on a trade of two of the team’s most talented players, there’s a fair amount to unpack here. It ultimately may come down to the question of when the team’s contention window will close and when it will open again (if 2019’s 71-91 record was indeed the end of a window).

Trevor Story

Story has two more seasons of arbitration eligibility before hitting free agency after the 2021 season. MLB Trade Rumors projects an $11.5 million arbitration salary for Story in 2020, as he will be part of what becomes the largest payroll in Rockies’ history (coming close to $160 million before a single move is made). As Story can truly be described as a five-tool player, this salary is a veritable steal for any organization.

Story would command an absolute prospect haul as there are not any shortstops available on the free agent market that come close to his status and there may not be any on the trade market either.

As for the Rockies, the team has expressed more of an…

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