July 25, 2021

Yankees mailbag: Jon Gray trade, Felix Hernandez, and Brett Gardner (Pinstripe Alley)

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Many have asked: What about trading for Jon Gray?

Gray, 28, makes for an interesting trade target. The right-hander shook off a nightmare 2018 season—one that saw him demoted to Triple-A and miss the postseason roster—by pitching to a 3.84 ERA (4.06 FIP) over 150 innings. Believe it or not, he actually pitched better at Coors Field than on the road, with a 3.46 ERA (3.71 FIP) at home.

The right-hander works primarily with a fourseam fastball that has elite velocity, averaging 96.19 mph in 2019. Statcast grades that out as 89th percentile stuff. He uses a slider as an out pitch, and it had a 22.56% whiff rate last year.

If the Rockies shop the right-hander, and they just might considering their financial situaiton, expect the Yankees to have interest. Big velocity fastball and a slider? That jives…

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