July 25, 2021

2019 SnakePit Awards: Game of the Year: 9/24, The Never-Ending Story (AZ Snakepit)

Things you could do in six hours and fifty-three minutes

  • Watch the entire Matrix trilogy, with a five-minute bathroom break between each film.
  • Drive from Chase Field to Oxnard, California
  • Sit through the four shortest baseball games of the year, in their entirety.
  • Get a pretty good night’s sleep.

This was the longest game anywhere in the majors during 2019, 34 minutes more than the second-longest, the July 25th match-up between the Orioles and Angels. Diamondbacks pitchers alone threw 321 pitches on the night, the most by any team in the National League for more than six years. Its predecessor? The 18-inning game between the Phillies and D-backs in 2013, where Philadelphia tossed 395 pitches. Which I also recapped. Pardon me, I think my PTSD is kicking in. Arizona became the fourth team in recorded major-league history to throw so many pitches while conceding two or fewer runs [including both in this 2008 game. It took 27 minutes less than the game here, despite being three innings longer]

So many franchise records were set here. Arizona came in to 2019 with the all-time mark for strikeouts in a game being 21, last done back in 2004. That mark was beaten twice this…

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