July 26, 2021

How a switch in player rest could benefit the Yankees (Pinstripe Alley)

Sam Miller is a smarter person than me, and the most recent example of this came in an episode of Effectively Wild this week. The topic was the invent of a week off, a “vacation” of sorts for every player on the MLB roster. Sam happens to think that this would be a net benefit for players for a variety of reasons, and I think the Yankees in particular would benefit from a program like this.

Mandated time off is a concept that has picked up momentum in the private sector. The last job I had before starting my Masters program had a policy that every full-time worker had to take one full work week off in vacation each calendar year. Aside from being an added benefit to help retention, there’s lots of evidence that employees taking fully-allotted vacation time leads to a less-stressed, more creative and dynamic work environment, as well as promoting overall health among the workforce.

It’s that last point that should be particularly salient to Yankee fans. 2019 was quite literally historic in the injuries the team suffered, just look at our archive tab under “injuries.” Mandated rest couldn’t stop Tommy John, or freak incidents like Aaron Judge’s broken wrist in…

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