July 26, 2021

Pirates All-Decade team (starting rotation) (The Good Phight)

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Pirates All-Decade team (2010-19). The 2010s were at times unfulfilling for Pirates fans. The beginning of the decade gave us hope of a bright future. The future then came as we got a taste of playoff baseball, even if it was smallest of tastes. Things then got dark and bad starting in 2016. All in all though, I think we can all agree that this decade was much kinder to the Pirates than the 2000s.

Today we will be coving the starting rotation of the All-Decade team. The success (and failure) of the Pirates over the past 10 seasons can mostly be attributed to pitching. For a time, the Ray Searage magic was brewing as many reclamation projects had success in Pittsburgh. Shoutout to the sinker/slider combo and unjuiced baseballs, am I right?

Overall though, the Pirates had a below-average starting rotation as their 96.2 fWAR ranked 21st this decade. Even without the 2010 season, the year in which they won 57 games, the Pirates starting rotation moves up to just 18th in fWAR. Not the worst but not particularly good either.

The starting rotation

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