July 25, 2021

Is Drew Pomeranz worth $34 million? (Gaslamp Ball)

The Padres signed Drew Pomeranz to a 4 year, eyebrow raising 34 Million dollar contract. Ok… cool.

A.J. Preller has played this game before. It’s the deferred salary game.

Pomeranz has an $8 Million signing bonus deferred between 2020-2023. No matter how you spin it, the contract is worth $8.5 million a year on average. Let’s look at other players in the league with similar salaries.

**2019 Salary**

$7.4 Million

Brad Hand: 1.2 WAR 6-4 3.30 ERA 34 Saves in 2019

$9 Million

Jacob deGrom: 7.9 WAR 11-8 2.43 ERA 204 IP in 2019

$9 Million

Adam Ottavino: 2.2 WAR 6-5 1.90 ERA 66.1 IP in 2019

$8.6 Million

James Paxton: 2.1 WAR 15-6 3.82 ERA in 2019

Drew Pomeranz: 0.2 WAR 2-10 4.85 ERA

(Jose Altuve has a salary in the same range.)


So, maybe the argument is the guy won 17 games that one time in 2017. However, that’s like saying Brady Anderson once hit 50 homers for the Orioles. He never hit more than 24 before or after that season.

This one doesn’t pass the smell test. The elite Padres bullpens of the last 15 years never had a middle relief guy that demanded $4+ million a year, let alone $8+ million. It’s not that I’m opposed to it, but we’re not talking about

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