July 24, 2021

Poll Time: Vote for the Blue Jays top moment of the 2010s (Bluebird Banter)

As I mentioned back here, we are going to run a series of polls to pick out the top 20 Blue Jays moments of the 2010s.

I’ve got a list of 47 moments (I should edit it down a few but it’s tough to figure which ones to dump).

Even with 47 moments, I’m sad that some very good Blue Jays aren’t mentioned anywhere. Aaron Sanchez led the AL in ERA but isn’t mentioned. Adam Lind had 89 homers for us this decade, isn’t mentioned. Kevin Pillar made more amazing catches than I could count but none of them stand out above the others enough to make the list.

There are some moments that stick out in my mind but don’t deserve a spot on our list:

  • Jose Reyes standing on second base and kind of covering his head, but managing to be in the way of the Astros getting to a popup.
  • Steve Delabar throwing a immaculate inning in Oakland (and Thomas Pannone doing the same against the Rays this year).
  • Ken Giles starting his Blue Jays career with 17 straight saves.
  • I guess Yunel Escobar’s eye black moment could go on the list but I decided against it.
  • Cory Patterson homering on a ball head high?
  • Colby Rasmus cornrows hair?
  • J.A. Happ won 20 games in 2016 but I don’t have a…

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