July 26, 2021

Rays Build-a-Lineup, Part I: Historical Lineups (D Rays Bay)

Under the new Blog Bylaws of 2019:

Your website should be considered defunct if you do not allow for one article that allows readers to mess around with arbitrary salaries to build fun lineup based on their franchise’s history


John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton [sic], and the rest of the Blog Boys

Well, I guess we’d better follow suit.

If you don’t know the deal on these articles, basically every site sets it up differently, but the underlying premise is pretty much the same: Build a roster of players from your team’s history with some sort of catch. Here’s Down Goes Brown writing one for the NHL where you want to find hidden gems in team history who only played there briefly. Others set arbitrary tiers with players in each tier costing a certain amount, so that you can’t just scoop up all the greats.

We’re going to do a couple iterations over the offseason, but here’s how we’ll set up the first of these: the Rays historical salary draft game.

Career Rays Draft

The first option for this salary draft game is to draft Rays based on their entire career with Tampa Bay. Throughout this exercise, we’ll be using rWAR as the price for…

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