July 25, 2021

2019 Boston Red Sox in Review: Marcus Walden (Over the Monster)

Welcome to our 2019 Red Sox in Review series. This is, as you can probably guess, where we will be reviewing all of the players who made at least a modest impact on the Red Sox in 2019. Every week day we’ll be deep diving into one player every day. For each edition we’ll describe the season in a sentence, look at the positives from the year as well as negatives, look back at our one big question from the season preview and look ahead to the 2020 season. We’ll be going in alphabetical order of the players on this list. You can look over that list, too, and drop a name in the comments if you think I left anyone out who should be mentioned here. Got it? Good. Today we focus on Marcus Walden.

2019 in One Sentence

Marcus Walden was a nice representation of the Red Sox bullpen as a whole, not quite overwhelming with success but performing better than expected.

The Positives

It can be kind of easy to forget about Marcus Walden, because he’s right on the line of being an interesting piece in the bullpen without ever really getting there for me. That’s not to say he is not useful or not a legitimate major leaguer by any stretch, but rather that he’s not a guy you build…

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