July 28, 2021

Baseball Arbitration Eppler Player Salary Negotiations (Halos Heaven)

Alternative dispute resolution (or ADR) provides a mechanism whereby disputes or differences of opinion can be resolved without need to resort to court intervention. This results in time saved and may result in money saved. Often, in ADR, the parties can agree to terms and conditions that are outside what a judge or jury could award at trial. A judge cannot order someone to apologize, but sometimes in mediation it turns out that an apology goes a long way.

Negotiation is perhaps the oldest form of ADR and does not carry the added cost of paying a neutral third party to resolve the dispute. We all negotiate. It is the give and take of bargaining. For those who cannot resolve their dispute using negotiation, the next level of ADR is mediation. Mediation is a voluntary process. The parties are not required to settle and the mediator has no authority to render a decision or to force a settlement. In facilitative mediation, the mediator is tasked with helping the parties come together and settle in a manner to which the parties themselves can agree. In evaluative mediation, the mediator is typically a noted expert, such as a retired judge, who will look over the case and give a…

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