July 28, 2021

Orioles news: Jonathan Villar will probably be a free agent by day’s end (Camden Chat)

Hello, friends.

There are now 115 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day 2020. This particular day is also the deadline for teams to decide whether or not to tender 2020 contracts to their arbitration-eligible players. That deadline awaits at 8pm Eastern.

That could mean some action for the Orioles. Just before Thanksgiving, they signaled that they would probably be parting ways with Jonathan Villar by placing him on waivers. The Orioles were also reported on Wednesday to be working towards trading Dylan Bundy. It’s possible the pending tender deadline was what was inspiring those conversations.

Whether these are decisions that end up being good for the Orioles in the future is something that we will only know in the future. What’s certain is that if the 2020 team has neither Villar nor Bundy on it, there will be a lot of potential for the Orioles to be even worse than they were this season.

Maybe it’s necessary, but it’s not much fun to think about. There has been a lot of bad baseball already and a lot more awaits before the Orioles are good again. The Orioles have lost a lot more than they’ve won in the 21st century, so I guess one thing you can say is that…

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