July 28, 2021

The Astros and the long history of sign-stealing in baseball (Royals Review)

As many folks at Royals Review know, I’m nominally an Astros fan. I’m from Houston and I live here once again, but was not raised an Astros fan. However, they’re a distant second team, more the team I politely cheer for to build local common experiences with fellow Houstonians. Anyone who has a second team knows what I mean – I’m happy when they win but there’s not the emotional attachment as with the first team. They’ve had numerous playoff games here the last five years. I’m still a little mad my myself I haven’t gone to any of the World Series games, but that’s a regret I carry as a baseball fan and the rare opportunity I’ve been afforded. I have only been to one playoff game here in Houston and that was wearing Royals gear. It’s the same number of playoff games I’ve seen the last five years at Kauffman Stadium and that one required a last minute plane flight and associated expenses. I went to the Astros parade in 2017 because I had never been to a parade. But I was there as a tourist, it was not my parade.

So, when my reactions to this sign-stealing story differed substantially from those of many other baseball fans, I had to ask myself if…

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