July 25, 2021

Why the Yankees should sign Gerrit Cole (Pinstripe Alley)

Much like Captain Ahab devoted his life to chasing Moby Dick, the elusive white whale, Brian Cashman has largely devoted his life to chasing his white whale, front-line starting pitching. Cliff Lee stands out as the most notable one who got away, and that may have cost the Yankees a pennant or two.

This offseason, there’s a new white whale that Cashman is driving hard after: Gerrit Cole. The Yankees have tried—and failed—to bring Cole to the Bronx twice before, and if they want to maximize their championship window, they can’t miss again.

Simply put, Cole is everything that the Yankees need right now. He’s a power pitcher square in his prime with proven big-game experience. The Yankees will have to work to secure his services, as Cole will likely be sought after by at least 10 other teams, and figures to command a record-breaking contract.

Still, he’d be worth whatever it takes, for multiple reasons. For one, Cole is really good! He had the best FIP (2.64) and ERA+ (185) in the league while pitching in an extreme hitter’s ballpark, led the league in strikeouts (326) and posted a stellar K/BB rate (a career-best 6.79). Cole’s dominance, particularly in a year…

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