July 25, 2021

Yankees fans should still have faith in Gary Sanchez (Pinstripe Alley)

In what seems likely to become a yearly ritual within the New York sports media, a star player is latched onto as a possible trade piece to be sold off for spare parts to fill out the rest of the roster. This winter, once again, that someone seems to have become the highly-polarizing catcher Gary Sanchez.

In a vacuum, Sanchez’s season would not be considered a failure by any means: he hit 34 home runs in 106 games (a 52 home run pace over 162 games) while slashing .232/.316/.525, good for a 119 OPS+ and 116 wRC+.

After the stellar 2016 season, in which he finished second in the Rookie of the Year voting despite only playing in 53 games, and a 2017 where he posted a 126 OPS+, it’s easy to see why fans expect so much more out of Sanchez than most other fanbases do out of their catcher.

Following an All-Star first half in which he hit 24 home runs and slashed .245/.315/.556, it’s easy to see why Yankees fans were disappointed with his injury-filled limp to the finish line, despite the fact that his second-half OPS of .785 is still better than 15 catchers’ season totals. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why Sanchez finished this season with a B- grade here at…

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