July 26, 2021

A few more thoughts about the non-tender of Addison Russell (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Addison Russell’s time with the Cubs is over, and as I have written here previously, I thought the Cubs should have cut ties with him a year ago. BCB’s Sara Sanchez posted her thoughts here earlier this morning, and without wanting to “pile on,” I had some things I wanted to say as well.

The thought that comes to my mind regarding Russell’s tenure with the team, and his baseball career to date, is: “It’s a shame.” First and foremost, the abuse alleged by Russell’s former wife Melisa Reidy (and also by a former girlfriend) was shameful. No human being should do that to another human being. Ever. In so doing, Russell not only hurt people he professed to love, but cast a shadow on himself as a human being, not to mention as a baseball player. From the point at which he accepted his 40-game suspension for doing these things, not only his personal life but his baseball legacy was forever going to be tarnished.

I think it’s important before I continue to note Theo Epstein’s statement made after Russell was not tendered a 2020 contract by the Cubs, making him a free agent. Parts of it were posted in Josh’s news article about the non-tender, and here is the…

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