July 24, 2021

Aaron Hicks can still be a big factor for the Yankees in 2020 (Pinstripe Alley)

Aaron Hicks’ arrival on the Yankees’ 2019 ALCS roster was unexpected, to say the least. After battling injuries for most of the season, which allowed him to play in just 59 games before the playoffs, Hicks was believed to be done for the year in September after suffering what was later revealed to be a partially torn UCL.

After working out his arm with a throwing program in Arizona, Hicks told the Yanks he felt good to go, and he was in uniform for the ALCS against the Astros. Good thing he was, as he provided one of the most memorable moments of the postseason, when the Yanks were in do-or-die mode in Game Five.

The fact that Hicks was able to come into this series after playing just two games since the end of July and be such a major factor was a pleasant surprise. It also perhaps provided a foreshadowing of what we can expect from Hicks when he returns next season, hopefully some time around the All-Star break.

The home run off Verlander was obviously his biggest of the season, but the at-bat as a whole was what we’ve come to expect from Hicks since he arrived in New York. Hicks’ dinger off the foul pole…

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