July 25, 2021

Colorado Rockies news: Dick Monfort, the Denver sports figure (Purple Row)

The 50 most important Denver sports figures of the 2010s | TheDNVR.com ($)

He deserves some applause. Even if some things haven’t panned out as flawless as some would hope, Dick Monfort really does deserve some recognition.

Our friend Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post wrote back in April how “Monfort, I think even he would admit, was not very good at public relations. He was often too candid for his own good and suffered from foot-in-mouth disease.” Saunders then went on to explain the “big changes for the better,” and in many respects, recognized the attempts toward good that Monfort made to help this organization succeed.

Saunders wrote how “six consecutive losing seasons from 2011-16 were the outward symptoms of an organization that lacked vision and direction.” He then discusses how the loss of Keli McGregor in 2010 could have had plenty to do with it (if this top-50 existed for 2000-2009, McGregor reasons for a prime spot). If this franchise truly was in the dark for several years because of that, it is understandable it would take a while to pull things out of a hole. Monfort helped guide the ship in many respects, since, after all, it is his pocketbook…

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