July 26, 2021

Could Any Non-Tendered Candidates Make Sense for the Braves? (Talking Chop)

Every year, it always seems like the MLB non-tender deadline becomes a bigger story than it should be. The overwhelming majority of players who become free agents due to their teams no longer viewing them as worth their price tags are usually correct calls. However, a few become worthwhile stories or targets for other teams. Some are obvious bounce back candidates, while others were productive but were cut due to their former teams needing to create room in their budget. It seems the main reason why this deadline has relevance is because it typically is a productive source of the thing every team wants in roster construction: low cost value.

Last offseason, the White Sox were a fun story to follow for multiple reasons regarding the non-tender deadline. Avisail Garcia struggled quite a bit in 2018 trying to sustain the success of his 2017 breakout season; as a result, was not tendered a contract for 2019. He would catch on with the Rays, and would play a big role in their return to the playoffs last year. Though letting go of Garcia may have been questionable, the White Sox somewhat made up for it by signing James McCann, who had been non-tendered by the Tigers

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