July 26, 2021

Could the Yankees turn Miguel Andujar into an outfielder? (Pinstripe Alley)

Few things drive debate in Yankee discourse like what to do with Miguel Andujar. A lost season on the heels of a Rookie of the Year finalist year in 2018 puts pretty big error bars around his 2020 projections. Furthermore, the emergence of Gio Urshela as an equally good hitter and better defender casts some doubt on whether Andujar has a position to play on next year’s Yankees.

One of the solutions to this logjam could be setting Andujar in the outfield. There’s certainly a spot for another outfielder on this team – Aaron Hicks is out until at least June with Tommy John surgery, Brett Gardner is still a free agent, which is curious in itself, and the Yankees don’t seem comfortable with using Giancarlo Stanton as a full time left fielder. Aaron Judge and Mike Tauchman have their roster spots locked up, but there’s an opening if Andujar is the right guy to fill it.

On raw athleticism, Miguel might fit the bill. He’s one of the quicker 3B in the league, with a 27.8 ft/s sprint speed in the top quartile of all guys at the hot corner in 2018. His shoulder injury wouldn’t affect his legs obviously, and he’s only 23, so it’s entirely possible he’s still as fast as…

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